SOAHR 2020
Meet The SOAHR 2020 Keynotes

Meet The SOAHR 2020 Keynotes


XYZ in Harmony: Bringing the Next Generation Forward

Caron Cone | Division VP HR, ADP
Josh Miller | Director of Generation Z Studies, XYZ University
Fabiola Charles Stokes | Global Sites Management Lead, North America – Google, Inc.
Chris Thomas | Senior Lead Advisor-Franchisee Selection, Chick-fil-A Corporate

Generation X, Y, Z – what really defines them; and how will each contribute to our organizational success? Our workplaces are filled with accomplished individuals who share their experiences, perspective, and talents. In order to best leverage their diversity and gifts, we must be aware of our biases and seek to understand their thinking, challenges, and perceived setbacks.

As we continue to experience technological, environmental, political, and demographic changes, we will need to think differently, and openly welcome innovative thoughts and ideas. How will our organizations need to change to attract and serve the new generation of talent? What assumptions will leaders need to challenge to thrive in the ever-changing world of work?

This keynote will feature four dynamic leaders who will share their generational perspective on current and future talent and leadership in the workplace.


Technology’s Role in Strategic, Transformational Leadership: Disrupt Yourself HR!

Chris Havrilla |  Vice President, HR Technology and Solution Provider Strategy | Deloitte

With increasing uncertainty, disruptions, and accelerating/continuous change, how can today and tomorrow’s HR leaders effectively shape the future of work, workforce, and workplace? It is time to shift HR mindset and dialogue from strategic business partnership to strategic leadership! We have to disrupt ourselves before we can help lead the business through this for the entire enterprise.

Chris Havrilla makes the case by sharing her experience, as well as the latest from Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends (the WHAT!?!?) and findings from leading-edge Bersin™ High-Impact Technology Strategy study (the Now What!?!?). Specifically, the opportunity for HIGH-IMPACT TECHNOLOGY if it’s strategically and correctly applied. Hear important conversation about strategic application of technology, including new ways to drive your organization’s technology projects to achieve the highest impact possible – helping organizations shift from a business enterprise to a social enterprise – reinvention with a human focus!!

Key takeaways:
– HR technologies are often mistaken for the ends—not the means—of transformation.
– HR leaders need a mindset that supports a new approach to achieve the transformational potential of disruptive technologies.
– The four components of a transformational mindset are domain knowledge, vision, team facilitation, and execution.
– HR leaders should be experts at change management and implementation to bring their transformation blueprints to life.
– HR leaders should bring the right stakeholders together to formulate the best solutions, provide a process, and facilitate the work.

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