Tapping Into Your Company’s DNA to Build a Winning Brand and Drive Employee Engagement

Carrie Schonberg | Chief Marketing Officer, Ashton Woods
» Learn how you can partner with your CMO to drive company-wide marketing initiatives that are successful for both the brand and for driving employee engagement and morale
» Discuss strategies to leverage your brand to rally, focus and motivate employees to achieve your company’s vision
» Review techniques to align your brand value proposition and employee value proposition to drive the right culture and attract the right talent

HR Without Boundaries – Crossing Barriers Across the Enterprise

Facilitator: Tino Mantella | President & CEO of Turknett Leadership Group
Panelists: Janet Barnard | CHRO, Cox Automotive
Angela Long | CHRO, Colonial Pipeline
Shan Cooper | Exec Director, Atlanta Committee for Progress

» Hear from 3 leaders who either started their careers in HR and moved to a Sr. Operations role, or who moved from a Sr. Operations role into the top HR role
» Learn what these transitions tell us about the value and promise of HR in the future
» Discover how HR prepares executives for top roles

Shake Up Your Culture … One Shift at a Time

Jeff Nischwitz | President, The Nischwitz Group
» Discuss innovative ideas on designing and nurturing culture where every team member is empowered for impact
» Leave with implementable tools for guiding and impacting the culture in your organization

The Opioid Crisis: Strategies and Tactics for Employee Well-Being

Michael P. Elkon | Attorney at Law, Fisher & Phillips LLP
Andrea G.L. Elkon, Ph.D. | Director of Behavioral Health Services, Alliance Spine and Pain Centers

» Learn about the impact of the opioid crisis on employers and what they can do to best manage the problems that result.
» Gain understanding of opioids, including what they are, how their use has evolved, and how opioid usage affects a person's ability to work
» Learn the various workplace laws implicated by opioid usage
» Discuss ideas for how to best handle the issues that opioid usage creates with respect to their employees

Corporate Social Responsibility: It’s Personal

Erin Wolf | Executive Director, Women's Leadership Center at Coles College of Business
» Understand current concepts pertaining to corporate social responsibility (CSR)
» Recognize characteristics of effective leadership and organizational strategies related CSR and how human resources can support them
» Consider what your organization is doing from a CSR perspective and how you can use this concept to increase employee engagement within the company

Procurement Workshop – Best Practices for Buying HR Software and Services

Rob Prinzo | Founder and Principal Consultant, The Prinzo Group
» Learn a proven process for successful software, services or technology procurements
» Review the components of software, services and technology RFPs (Request for Proposal)
» Utilize an easy to use the process for defining business, technical and professional services requirements
» Learn how to structure an RFP by translating requirements into RFP questions and evaluation criteria
» Discover best practices for conducting market analysis, developing project budgets and establishing a business case for the procurement

Workplace America 2019: 15th Annual Study of Employee Engagement and Retention

Christopher Mulligan | CEO, TalentKeepers
» Learn what the "Best in Class" companies are doing to engage valued employees
» Discuss what's new in retention and what causes people to stay or leave
» Review where budget dollars are being invested for engagement and retention
» Learn how organizations are measuring the impact of engaged employees

State Unemployment Costs: How HR Leadership Can Drive Tax Savings & Organizational Oversight

John Doran | CEO, UC Alternative, Inc.
Lorri D. Kissell | VP of Marketing & Business Development, UC Alternative, Inc.

» Discuss how tax rates are impacted by payroll and “experience”
» Learn how to objectively evaluate state unemployment tax rates, mitigate risk, and establish financial goals, as keys to controlling this expense
» Learn why HR Leadership should drive this corporate cost savings initiative and establish the “tone at the top” for financial stewardship