Immigration 101: The Basics of Employment Immigration Law

Alexandra Holland | Experienced Business Immigration Attorney, Ogletree Deakins
Scott Decker | Of Counsel, Ogletree Deakins

» Discuss which questions you can ask regarding citizenship/immigration sponsorship during the recruiting and hiring process
» Learn the common issues that arise in the process of I-9 completion and reverification and how to correct past errors
» Review the difference between a nonimmigrant visa versus a green card, and what is required to sponsor an employee for each

The Digital Disruption of the Employee Experience

Cheryl Johnson | Chief HR Officer, Paylocity
» Explore the concept of digitization and why employers must consider the overall employee experience in their endeavor to digitally disrupt their workforce
» Identify the benefits of digitization, including improved employee engagement and greater business success
» Discover strategies and best practices to implement technology-forward opportunities that will make both an impact — both immediate and long-term

Conducting Effective Investigations and Documenting The Process

Marty N. Martenson |Managing Partner, Martenson Law
» Gain an understanding of the various situations and laws that should give rise to an employer investigation and how the employer’s investigation may be used in litigation or the dispute process
» Learn how to determine the best way to conduct an investigation for a given issue that will establish a reliable factual record for your employer and what methods, questions, disclosures, and statements you should avoid using or making during your investigative process
» Discuss the facts, statements, and aspects of your investigative process that should always be documented and the most effective strategies for documenting this information in the event it must later be relied upon in litigation or in the dispute process