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All sessions are eligible for SHRM and HRCI credit.

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Monday Live Sessions (August 3)

  • ★ Keynote | XYZ in Harmony: Bringing the Next Generation Forward

    Caron Cone | Division VP HR, ADP Josh Miller | Director of Generation Z Studies, XYZ University Fabiola Stokes |  Community Impact Programs and Investment, Google Chris Thomas | Senior Lead Advisor - Franchisee Selection, Chick-fil-A Corporate » Generation X, Y, Z – what really defines them; and how will each contribute to our organizational success? Our workplaces are filled with accomplished individuals who share their experiences, perspective, and talents. This keynote will feature four d...

  • Employee Leave Laws – Are They Really a Nightmare to Administer?

    Natalie N. Turner | Shareholder, Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C. » Understand the current states with leave laws that must be administered in addition to the FMLA and ADA » Understand how those laws typically work so that they can identify any issues or questions they need to explore for the specific states their company operates in

  • Fostering Psychological Safety on Your Teams

    Karen Eber | CEO and Chief Storyteller, Eber Leadership Group » What is psychological safety, the neuroscience behind it and what does it look like on teams? » How is energy an indicator of psychological safety? » What are practical steps for fostering psychological safety on your team in-person and virtually?

  • How to Stop Feeding and Finally Free the Elephant in the Room

    Sarah Noll Wilson | CEO/Chief Edge Officer, Sarah Noll Wilson » Define observable behaviors that indicate a problem is known and being avoided » Identify the most common “elephants” we create when avoiding a problematic situation » Explore the neuroscience behind stress and how that contributes to the silence » Discover key strategies and language for how to talk about the elephant in the room

  • Maintaining Culture and Employee Engagement in a Remote Work Environment

    Cindi Filer | CEO and Founder, Innovative Outsourcing » The number one reason employees stay engaged regardless of work location » What our younger employees REALLY want from their managers » Two meeting tricks that can help remote work » What employee engagement IS and why it matters at all

  • Optimizing HR’s Financial Resources in the New Normal

    Panel Discussion: Tim Goodly -  SVP and CHRO, AMB Sports + Entertainment Stacie Hagen - Chief People Officer, Secureworks (Retired) Vicki Lostetter - Chief Human Resources Officer, WestRock Moderator: Tino Mantella - President & CEO, Turknett Leadership Group » Learn how HR leaders make their case for financial resources during the new normal »Whether in mode of collaboration, compromise, or win/lose, how do HR leaders have a seat at the table and garner the greatest understanding and sensiti...

  • Social Learning Trends and the Role of HR

    Larry Mohl | Founder and President, Rali » Understand the workplace and technology trends that underpin the past, present, and future of social learning » Use a social learning strategy framework to become more intentional in planning social learning approaches and outcomes » Explore the critical factors and role of HR in driving social learning engagement and impact » Experience examples of “purpose-built” social learning technologies » Identify personal insights and actions for applic...

  • The Culture Rebelution: Winning the War on Talent with a ‘Great Place to Work’ Organizational Culture

    Stephen Childs | Vice President / CHRO - Panasonic Automotive » Understand the four keys to building a Great Place to Work Culture » Understand what the responsibilities are from Managers and for Employees » Get a clear picture of where to start your Culture journey

Tuesday Live Sessions (August 4)

  • ★ Keynote | Technology’s Role in Strategic, Transformational Leadership: Disrupt Yourself HR!

    Chris Havrilla | VP, Head of HR Technology & Solution Provider Strategy and Research Practice | Deloitte » Learn why HR professionals should shift their perspective of technology from transactional to transformational » Learn the four components of a transformational mindset » Learn how the four components connect HR technologies to outcomes, value creation, and improved worker experience

  • 5 Seismic Shifts In eLearning

    Neha Gupta | CEO, True Office Learning » Understand the latest trends in technology and talent impacting e-learning » Redefine the way you think about developing training and measuring effectiveness to inform the overall training strategy » Leverage Gamification, A.I., AR, and VR to create a holistic ecosystem of learning for the employee » Leverage best-practices from leading organizations utilizing critical shifts to make training their most powerful tool for predicting employee behavior a...

  • Digitizing the Employee Experience

    Brian Smith | Career Products, Southeast Market Leader, Mercer » Discuss frameworks and guidelines on how to evaluate, enable, and support your evolving workforce » Discuss the importance of upskilling and reskilling your talent » Learn digital best practices for how to tackle remote and flexible work challenges imposed by COVID-19

  • Managing the Grizzly Bear: EQ in Times of Stress

    Speaker: Doreen Linneman | CEO of The Riverbend Group & Prepare to Roar & Doreen Linneman LLCs » Gain or regain an appreciation for the 3 foundational elements of EQ » Learn, develop, and/or share tips and tricks for leading self and others with Emotional Intelligence

  • Navigating the Rapids of Change

    Greg Hawks | Corporate Culture Specialist, Hawks Agency » Recognize the difference between the internal and external characteristics of pressure and obstacles » Learn to love obstacles » Gain insight into leading like a guide, which appears contrary to standard leadership thinking

  • Retention Workshop: Predicting and Protecting Against Employee Turnover

    Adrien Borger | Lead Solutions Engineer - Talent Solutions, Equifax Workforce Solutions » Learn how to “see, confirm, and detect” to get to a more turnover-proof candidate pool » Understand the metrics that matter by stepping through a case study that demonstrates the relationship between pre-offer work history verification, retention and reduced cost » Find out how faster, focused filtering improves the hiring experience for candidates

  • Storytelling for HR Professionals

    Paul Smith | Author and Speaker, Story Makers, LLC » Review the three stories most frequently owned by HR leaders (recruiting, values, and policy » Learn one technique to create more emotional engagement in stories » Learn how to create a surprise ending in a story to make it more memorable

  • Talent – The Secret Weapon in Georgia’s Economic Development Strategy

    Panel Discussion: - Moderator: Randall Toussaint, Director of Corporate Solutions & Cyber Security, Georgia Department of Economic Development - Gregg Simon, Senior Vice President of Economic Development, Metro Atlanta Chamber - Brenda Robbins, Business Recruitment Director, Georgia Power - Matt Colvin, Executive Director of Economic Development, University System of Georgia » Learn the key factors that companies consider when they explore the feasibility of expanding in Georgia » Discuss rece...

  • The Boss Whisperer: Getting Organizational Leadership on Board for Positive Change

    Dr. Susan Raines | Associate Director, School of Conflict Management, Kennesaw State University » Assess the obstacles to changing organizational culture and develop a concrete plan to overcome them » Develop skills to negotiate with those in higher power positions » Develop a plan to address long-standing challenges in your organizations

Additional On-Demand Sessions

  • 3G Forces in the Workplace

    Suri Surinder | CEO, CTR Factor, Inc. » Discuss feminine and masculine aspects of all of our personalities and learn how to switch modalities depending on the situation » Learn how to recognize generational differences, account for them in how we interact with one another, and adjust our expectations appropriately

  • 4 Types of Management All Employees Should Know: Boss, Teacher, Mentor, Coach

    Natasha Ganem, Ph.D. | Founder & Principal Consultant, Lion Leadership » Discern these different types of management styles » Communicate why the coaching style is important in today’s competitive landscape » Discuss how to develop a training program focused on the “coaching manager”

  • Attracting Gen Z Talent – How to Align D & I and Talent Acquisition

    Dr. Marcella McCurdy | CEO/Owner, Marcella McCurdy Consulting LLC » Discuss strategies to attract Gen Z and top talent to your organization » Learn how to connect with Gen Z via social media and brand your organization to attract top talent » Learn how to connect with talent with videos and storytelling about your organization

  • Bias in the Aging Workforce

    Sarah Jane Barber | Assistant Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Gerontology, Georgia State University » Discuss how negative age stereotypes can affect older workers » Learn how to reduce these adverse effects with changes to the work setting which can increase positive intergenerational interactions

  • Diversity Isn’t an Initiative, It’s a Culture

    Speaker: Cindy Lynch | Principal, Six20 Partners Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI) are top of mind now more than ever. Your culture is the foundation, this isn't another box to check. If you are wondering where to start and what to do next, this session is for you.

  • Do You Trust Your Team? If Not, Quit.

    Hakeem Isaac | Founder, unboXt, Inc. » Explore methods to increase loyalty by restoring trust between employee and leader » Learn how to identify when you are part of the problem and how to rewire your own distrust » Discuss how and why trust can only be achieved through transparency

  • Get Unstuck: Leadership Readiness

    Craig Lemasters | CEO, GXG » Diagnose the specific knowledge gaps you face related to your new role and responsibilities » Learn how to intentionally seek knowledge and experience from others to help you close these knowledge gaps » Demonstrate credibility to your new team as well as your leadership team by identifying and executing quick wins

  • How To “Do” Culture

    Kyle Stapleton | Manager of Culture & Experience, Turner Studios » Understand and be able to articulate why investment in a strong culture is important » Identify specific aspects of your culture’s DNA » Employ frameworks and tools for designing culture change

  • How to Transform Bosses Into Leaders

    Mack Munro | Founder/CEO, Boss Builder » Articulate and appreciate the difference between management training, management development, leadership development, and high potential development » Identify the right people to develop into their organization’s supervisory, management, and leadership roles » Develop a standard, measurable process for developing strong managers and effective leaders, and be able to communicate the value and ROI of this process to the senior executive team

  • HR’s Response to the Business Roundtable Manifesto

    Libby Dishner » CEOs are signing the “Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation” issued by the Business Roundtable. This document - which Josh Bersin calls a Manifesto - states the purpose of a corporation goes beyond profits and includes all stakeholders (this means employees!). This shift to looking beyond shareholders to broader societal impacts may mean dramatic changes for how business is done.

  • Minding Your Mental Health – Mindfulness & Meditation for Cra-Cra Times

    Chase Carey, MBA | Author, Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Chasing Mindfulness » Learn how to intelligently control your mind and emotions - even amidst crushing change » Discuss how to achieve an incredibly clear, focused understanding of work challenges

  • No More Souls for Gold: Igniting the Social Sustainability Movement

    Wendy Smith | Founder, Metamorphosis Solutions » Understand what social sustainability is all about and why it is critical for businesses to buy into » Know how businesses can contribute to better social sustainability through an improved employee experience » Be equipped with helpful ideas on how to initiative social sustainability programs within your organization

  • Put Your Own Financial Oxygen Mask on First… How to Build Your Solid Financial Foundation

    Kasey B. Gartner | Wealth Management Advisor and Field Director, Northwestern Mutual Buckhead » Gain a better understanding of basic financial planning, specifically as it relates to your current circumstances » Discuss options for advancing your own financial plan » Leave with 2-3 actionable to-do's that can positively impact your financial future

  • Ready or Not, Here Comes Z

    Josh Miller | Director of Gen Z Studies, XYZ University » Learn how to prepare for generation Z and engage them as employees, members, and consumers

  • Speak with Persuasive Power and Professional Presence

    Tracy Stock, CSP | Founder and Owner, Achieve Positive Outcomes, LLC » Plan content and ideas into an organized format and discover strategies to impact how memorable your message is to an audience, compelling them to want to learn more. » Discover how to go from “dull” to “dynamic” as a speaker or presenter, focusing on professional presence, how listeners absorb information, visual and verbal cues to avoid, and numerous engagement strategies and tools. » Captivate the attention of t...

  • Talent Shortage Crisis: Solve Your Hiring Challenges with the Untapped Potential of 2nd Chance Candidates

    Daniel Stinson | President, Jobrise » Discuss the value of 2nd Chance candidates; they are often the most loyal, dedicated, and hard working employees » Learn how to receive access to federal and state incentive programs when hiring underserved groups » Review the business case for hiring men and women with criminal backgrounds

  • The Leadership Gap and How To Close It

    Dr. Jerrund Wilkerson, PD, MBA | Executive Leadership Coach and Speaker, Jerrund Wilkerson Leadership Coaching » Learn/understand the magnitude of the current Leadership Gap » Review why the Leadership Gap exist » Discuss actions needed to help close the Leadership Gap

  • The Strategic Plan of Selling – Building a Professional Network

    Jennifer Finkelstein Hall | Founder, MatchKey Consulting » Increase confidence around relationship selling » Move from winging it to an intentional strategy » Feel more comfortable with networking and building professional relationships

  • The Well-Being Factor: Designing Spaces for Employee Engagement and Experience During COVID and Beyond

    Kibibi Springs, I-O Psychologist, Ph.D. (c) / Workplace Wellbeing Knowledge Lead, East and NYC for Herman Miller » Learn how to advocate and influence decisions related to: •the connection between physical comfort in the workplace to intellectual productivity. •how workplace design helps facilitate employee engagement, collaboration and well-being. •how human-centered spaces support organization culture, employee attraction, and retention.

  • Three Keys to Negotiation

    Scott Wayne |  Co-Founder / Partner, Envoy » Review three keys to negotiations: Identifying Motive, Finding Mutual Interests, and Framing Solutions » Discuss habits that can improve your skills as influencers and negotiators

  • What’s Next for HR: A Point-of-View from Dave Ulrich

    David Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor of Business at the Ross School, University of Michigan » This is a GREAT time to be in HR! Why? Because in a world of increased social, technological, economic, political, environmental, and demographic (STEPED) change, HR creates sustainable value. In the presentation, we will review 3 domain and 8 specific actions HR can take to deliver increased value.

  • Working From Home: A Win-Win for Employees, Employers, and the Planet

    Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D. | Chairman, ROI Institute, Inc. » Explore when and how flexible work systems can be developed » Determine what steps can be taken to show their value » Forecast the impact and ROI of flexible work systems prior to investing