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Speaker: David Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor of Business at the Ross School, University of Michigan

This is a GREAT time to be in HR! Why? Because in a world of increased social, technological, economic, political, environmental, and demographic (STEPED) change, HR creates sustainable value. In the presentation, we will review 3 domain and 8 specific actions HR can take to deliver increased value.

A: Assumptions. HR professionals need to recognize and evolve their assumptions about HR work. Unconscious biases often get in the way of real HR value.

  1. Recognize that value is defined by receiver more than giver. We will define values as HR is not about HR, but about the value others receive.
  2. Understand the context in which HR fits, e.g., adapting HR to the digital age.
  3. Serve internal and external stakeholders. We will define stakeholders of HR to include employees and line managers inside the organization, and also customers, investors, and communities outside the organization.

B: Outcomes. HR professionals need to be clear about the key outcomes they deliver through their work (talent, leadership, and organization). They should offer innovative solutions for each of these outcomes.b

  1. Deliver improved individual talent. We will examine the trends in employee experience, well being, and productivity.
  2. Deliver organization capability. We will go into detail about the key capabilities required for success (right culture, agility, information, collaboration, innovation)
  3. Create better leadership (briefly since we cover this in other session in detail). We will explore the emerging trends in the core leadership skills (Leadership Code) that deliver value to employees (Why of Work), customers (Leadership Brand), and investors (Leadership Code).

C: HR Implications

  1. Design the right HR department. We will talk about the characteristics of an effective HR department, with a focus on relationships more than roles.
  2. Build the right HR competencies. We will share information about competencies required for HR professionals to be personally effective, serve stakeholders, and deliver business results.

Whew! These are exciting times for HR professionals to rise to the opportunities they face. Participants will have innovative ways to think, act, and feel that make a difference in their personal and professional lives and the lives of those the serve.