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Speaker: D. Albert Brannen | Managing Partner, Fisher & Phillips LLP

Do you know that almost all private sector employees have extensive rights to engage in “protected concerted activity” which can include, but is not limited to campaigning for, forming and joining unions and having a union be their representative for all matters relating to their jobs? Do you know what countervailing rights are vested in employers? In other words, what can an employer lawfully do in Georgia to remain union-free? Are you up to speed with all of the latest Labor Board rulings that may affect your company’s rights in this area?

This informative session will educate HR professionals about the respective rights of employees and employers when a union gets involved in a workplace.

In this session you will:

  • Discuss how unions organize a previously unorganized workforce and the various arguments for why employees may or may not want to be represented by a union
  • Review the early warning signs of union activity
  • Discuss what employers can lawfully say or do in an organizing situation
  • Review other lawful preventive strategies for managing in a union-free workplace


  • Communication
  • HR Expertise