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2020 – The Great Disrupter: The Future of Work, the Workplace, and the Workforce

October 1, 2025 | 11:15 am

2020 was a year that was defined by anxiety and stress for most companies and for the workforce.  We seemed to careen from one stressful crisis to another: a global pandemic that killed more than 500,000 in the U.S. alone; an economic collapse that left tens-of-millions of the most vulnerable unemployed and many businesses and industries struggling; social upheavals that put a spotlight on the harsh reality of racial inequality; and political turmoil that tested our democracy.

Most people would agree that the way we live, work, and play will never be the same. Countless questions are presented about the future of work, the workplace, and the workforce, including what old rules need to be broken, re-written, or discarded, as employers and employees alike try to adjust to a new environment.

This session will address many of the prevalent questions being asked today. Participants will learn:

  • How organizations should consider revising their operations and managing their workforces, given all of the changes, and what this means for employers and employees.
  • How employees’ expectations about work and the workplace have changed
  • What factors employers should consider when seeking new additions to their workforce.
  • What impact technology will have on the workforce in the future.
  • How employers should handle return-to-the-office plans – both remote and on site – as well as issues relating to vaccinations and/or employee well-being.


October 1, 2025
11:15 am
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