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Speaker: Larry Mohl | Founder and President, Rali

According to a study by the Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Board, 75 percent of surveyed L&D professionals have adopted — fully or to some extent — social learning technologies into their learning strategy. Changes in technology capabilities, workforce demographics, and the nature of work mean that social learning is here to stay.

While many organizations are implementing social learning technologies, questions remain as to how valuable social learning is to employees and the organization. In fact, so much attention is paid to researching and selecting the “right” technology, that attending to the factors that create social learning engagement and impact are often left to chance. These essential factors are human factors, and the HR team has a unique role in creating environments that deliver real value.

Is your organization using discussion boards, instant messaging, shared workspaces, or other “social technologies” as part of your overall learning strategy? Are you concerned or unsure about how to discuss, improve, or prove the value of your social learning efforts? Are you curious about the evolution and future of social learning and the possibilities in store for HR?

In this session you will:

  • Understand the workplace and technology trends that underpin the past, present, and future of social learning
  • Use a social learning strategy framework to become more intentional in planning social learning approaches and outcomes
  • Explore the critical factors and role of HR in driving social learning engagement and impact
  • Experience examples of “purpose-built” social learning technologies
  • Identify personal insights and actions for application to your social learning strategy


  • Communication
  • Business Acumen
  • HR Expertise