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Speakers: Michael P. Elkon | Attorney at Law, Fisher & Phillips LLP

Andrea G.L. Elkon, Ph.D. | Director of Behavioral Health Services, Alliance Spine and Pain Centers

The opioid crisis affects every aspect of American society and the workplace is no exception. This presentation will cover the impact of the crisis on employers and what they can do to best manage the problems that result. Dr. Andrea Elkon, a psychologist who has a specialty in pain management issues, will cover the clinical issues associated with opioid use, including helping employers understand the signs and symptoms of addiction. She will also cover some of the nuts and bolts of addiction treatment and what that might entail, so that employers will know what to expect regarding employee leave time. Michael Elkon, a lawyer who specializes in assisting employers in their issues with employees, will cover the legal issues that arise from opioids, such as drug testing, reasonable accommodations for disabilities, leave, and termination issues.

In this session you will:

  • Develop background understanding regarding opioids, including: (1) what they are; (2) how their use has evolved over time; and (3) how opioid usage affects a person’s ability to work
  • Learn the various workplace laws implicated by opioid usage
  • Discuss ideas for how to best handle the issues that opioid usage creates with respect to their employees

SHRM BoCK Competencies: Leadership & Navigation, Ethical Practice, Global & Cultural