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Speaker:  Wendy Smith | Founder, Metamorphosis Solutions

Environmental sustainability has been entrenched in the lexicon of corporate for several years. And while many organizations are still not doing enough to address business-related environmental concerns, there is at least a strong focus on the topic and even government policies forcing companies to do better in leaving a less harmful footprint. That being said, even as environmental causes are being elevated in priority, the equally harmful impacts that businesses are having on society are largely being ignored. Today we live in an increasing unhealthy place where people are reporting mental and physical health issues in record numbers, a significant amount of which can be correlated to toxic workplace environments and policies that lead to intolerable levels of stress and exhaustion.

There are simply not enough support systems in place to counter the unbearable environments that many of us are exposed to on a daily basis at work. These negative impacts are bleeding beyond individual issues of wellbeing and are becoming systemic, public concerns about the overall health of our society, as more and more people are becoming less capable of functioning effectively in our world. While there are many causes for the lower levels of wellbeing seen in today’s society, businesses do contribute significantly to this by forcing workers into unhealthy environments that push many over the edge beyond what their coping skills can handle.

It’s time to ignite a call to action for corporations to expand their current sustainability efforts beyond the environment to include social sustainability. We must figure out better ways of doing business that contributes positively to workers’ lives and helps us all to thrive as a society. Just like we need a healthy earth to flourish, so do we need a healthy society.

In this session you will:

  • Understand what social sustainability is all about and why it is critical for businesses to buy into
  • Know how businesses can contribute to better social sustainability through an improved employee experience
  • Be equipped with helpful ideas on how to initiative social sustainability programs within your organization


  • Global & Cultural Effectiveness
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  • HR Expertise