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Speaker: Chase Carey, MBA | Author, Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Chasing Mindfulness

The world has changed. Really changed. And your team members may be struggling to figure out what the new “rules” are. This creates stress, confusion, and paralysis. But your organization must keep moving forward. Right?

Your team members are looking to YOU and your Leadership Team for the new right way. You are their guiding light. You are their example. And they expect you to be ahead of them on adapting to the new way.

My session will teach you about the root causes of stress and confusion and teach you Mindfulness & Meditation techniques that will directly combat these distractors and enable you to rise above the current crisis. Your calm and agile manner during these crazy times will translate directly to your team members ability to be calm and agile themselves. Others will notice and want what you have!

You and your team members will lean to remain calm and focuses so they can intelligently control their minds and emotions, clearing their internal information highway to bring them into sharp focus and control.

In this session you will:

  • Learn how to intelligently control your mind and emotions – even amidst crushing change
  • Discuss how to achieve an incredibly clear, focused understanding of work challenges


  • Relationship Management
  • Communication
  • HR Expertise