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Speaker: Raleen Gagnon | Managing Director, Global Market Intelligence, ManpowerGroup Solutions

Technology and automation have created many efficiencies in HR planning and operations. They also bring tremendous value and provide insight in the form of data and analytics. However, most companies are not benefitting as they should from the integration of workforce data with other operational data related to finance, operations, real estate, and sales etc. While HR departments often have stricter confidentiality and privacy guidelines around personnel data, they also house the most meaningful data about one of the largest line items on a company’s operating expenses and have the most to gain from harnessing the insight and data analytics across the business. With the right approach to data management and analysis, HR leaders are able to drive the direction and parameters of many business strategies, but only if they are able to participate in early planning stages armed with the right information. This session will demonstrate how workforce insights should be aligned with the data from other business functions to drive higher sustainability and quality across the organization. HR and Talent Acquisitions leaders will learn when and how to leverage the data to address real world scenarios within their organization to achieve better business results.

In this session you will:

  • Learn how to identify and where to find the relevant data sets within the different departments in your business
  • Learn how to leverage and analyze different data sets to drive more effective business strategies
  • Determine what a best-in-class HR department looks like for your organization and what current or additional resources are needed to meet your business objectives
  • Learn how to maximize your existing HR resources that currently may be underutilized
  • Gain understanding of how data can be more effectively harnessed to drive organizational performance


  • Leadership & Navigation
  • Communication
  • Critical Evaluation