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Speaker: Linda J. Smith, Esq., Author, Speaker, Powerhouse Litigator, Senior Partner
Facilitated by: Lars Minns, Head of HR, NAFTA Region at Mercedes-Benz USA

Lars will guide the discussion for this keynote session.

The business world continues to change – radically. Now is the time to embrace that change and seize your power to advance in your career.

The old formula for professional advancement no longer works. Management that clings to a traditional corporate hierarchy, where people climb the corporate ladder in silos under a “command and control” model, and fails to adjust to the new realities, will be left behind.

The world has become much more interconnected. Virtual teams are the norm, and Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (among others) have put connectivity on steroids and enabled new forms of collaboration that would have been impossible a short while ago. Managers must realize that they need a new playbook for this hyperconnected environment.

To strategically adapt and seize your power, you’ve got to have the tools to create enthusiasm, empower your people, instill confidence, face challenges, and inspire the people around you. Join Linda Smith as she shares three playbook tools for exceptional long-term performance:

1-Emotional Intelligence — “The secret sauce to success for business leaders.” The ability to monitor one’s own emotions and perceive those of others, to discriminate among different emotions and identify them accurately, and to use emotional information to guide thoughts and behavior.

2- Confidence–“Confidence trumps competence every time.” Confidence is a skill and like any other, it can be acquired. Taking action and risks creates a belief that one can successfully perform the skill – which directly generates confidence and can in turn stimulate further action.

3-Grit–“The one personal quality shared by the most prominent leaders in every field is – grit” Why do some individuals accomplish more than others of equal intelligence? True grit is the combination of mental toughness, courage, hard work and the sheer stubbornness to keep going.

It is time to embrace the change and Seize Your Power!

SHRM BoCK Competencies: Leadership & Navigation, Relationship Management, Communication