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Speaker: Mack Munro | Founder/CEO, Boss Builder

If you’ve ever been tasked with developing a high-potential leadership pipeline, setting up a management training program, or designing a formal leadership development program, then this session is for you! In this session, you’ll learn How to Develop Your Leadership Pipeline, from Individual Contributor to Senior Leader and identify and implement best practices in a practical, How-To format. Additionally, you’ll also learn about the 5 biggest mistakes organizations make when trying to develop leaders and get advice on how to avoid them!

In this session you will:

  • Articulate and appreciate the difference between management training, management development, leadership development, and high potential development
  • Identify the right people to develop into their organization’s supervisory, management, and leadership roles
  • Develop a standard, measurable process for developing strong managers and effective leaders, and be able to communicate the value and ROI of this process to the senior executive team


  • Leadership & Navigation
  • Relationship Management
  • Communication