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Speaker: Erin Wolf | Executive Director, Women’s Leadership Center at Coles College of Business

Recent data and surveys show that sustainability and corporate responsibility are top of mind in today’s world. Consumers, investors, and employees are increasingly concerned about the impact companies have on their environments: they are choosing to buy from, invest in and work for organizations that practice good corporate social responsibility. Employees, especially millennials, view CSR as a necessary component of attractive companies that they want to work for.

This break-out session introduces the key concepts of CSR and discusses the interests of all stakeholders, especially employees, that are reflected in a company’s policies and actions. Most importantly, we look at the critical role human resources can play in advancing CSR within the organization and improving employee engagement in the process.

In this session you will:

  • Understand current concepts pertaining to corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Recognize characteristics of effective leadership and organizational strategies related CSR and how human resources can support them
  • Consider what your organization is doing from a CSR perspective and how you can use this concept to increase employee engagement within the company

SHRM BoCK: Communication, Business Acumen, Consultation