Project Description

Raymond James Financial, Inc. (NYSE: RJF) is a leading diversified financial services company providing private client group, corporate retirement plans, capital markets, asset management, banking and other services to individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations.

Through SHRM 401(k) Solutions by Raymond James, we are proud to offer fiduciary investment advisory services to SHRM’s ecosystem. This is a comprehensive program that’s dedicated to helping small and medium-size businesses. Your employees get access to low cost, quality 401(k) investments and the opportunity to improve their financial health. And you get relief from the burden of managing the plan’s investments and perhaps even administration, creating time for you to tackle your to-do list that is mile long.

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SHRM 401(k) Solutions by Raymond James is a branding name for the agreement between SHRM and Raymond James, where Raymond James offers SHRM audiences with 401(k) retirement plan services. Raymond James is not affiliated with SHRM.