Project Description

211 To Waterloo is the culmination of my passion for celebrating the art of gifting, connecting people and nurturing meaningful relationships, whatever the distance.

The name 211 To Waterloo comes from the Number 211 London bus route. It’s the journey I used to take when I lived in the city and was studying design. Every day I’d sit on the top deck of the red bus on my way home from class. I loved that time, watching the city pass-by outside the window (often fogged up by the rain). But I missed my family, back home in the US. I come from a big American/Italian family with two sisters and three brothers. It was a noisy, chaotic and loving home and we were raised on the values of close family, good food and passionate conversation. My siblings and I have ended up scattered across the US, but we still share those same values. On my daily bus ride, I would call my family and friends. As the city passed by, we would catch up on the details of each other’s lives. We’d talk, share, laugh, and occasionally cry. Those conversations, slow and meandering just like the journey through central London traffic, helped us to feel closer and the distance a little less.

It was these precious conversations that inspired my desire to help others find ways to connect with the people they care about and to appreciate the importance of letting someone know you’re thinking of them. I wanted to offer an easy and thoughtful way to celebrate all the moments of life – big, small, happy, and sad – and to connect, even when you can’t be together, in a simple yet beautiful way. My hope is that 211 to Waterloo will help you create more of these magical moments for those you care about:

A beautiful book that will help them decorate their new home

Bath oil and a candle from a friend to comfort a broken heart

A surprise little parcel that says Happy Birthday, or just “I’m thinking of you…”

At 211 To Waterloo, nurturing relationships is at the heart of everything we do. Each gift set is thoughtfully curated with a specific kind of person, emotion, and moment in mind. Our wish to support and connect people inspires each collection. We’ve taken time to gather together products that complement each other, while also championing other small businesses, artists and charities that share our values of quality, craft, and sustainability.