Attending SHRM-Atlanta Events during COVID

SHRM-Atlanta believes vaccines are the best method for attendees to safely gather at in-person events.

Boosters and other additional vaccine doses that are approved by the CDC are also strongly recommended.

As of April 1, 2022 SHRM-Atlanta will also accept a negative COVID test as an alternative to the Clear App Digital Vaccination Card.

• The negative COVID test must be administered by an authorized healthcare professional within 72 hours of arriving at a SHRM-Atlanta event. This information will be checked before individuals will receive their credentials and enter the venue. For attendees opting to test in lieu of vaccination, at-home, self-administered rapid antigen tests will not be accepted. Proof may be a physical copy or displayed on a smart phone. This will be a visual check only;  SHRM-Atlanta will not retain copies of vaccine cards or test reports.

• Anyone who has registered for a SHRM-Atlanta event and tests positive for COVID within seven days prior to the event will be eligible to receive a full refund of their registration fee or credit toward a future event. Attendee must submit proof of the positive COVID test and a request for refund /credit via email within 10 days of the end of the event by emailing . Positive test must have been administered by an authorized healthcare professional.

• Fully vaccinated attendees will show their status via the Clear App Digital Vaccination Card.

It is very likely that CDC guidelines will change, and SHRM-Atlanta will frequently examine our guidelines to ensure the safety of all our attendees. We ask anyone who is symptomatic prior to arrival to refrain from attending to minimize risk of spreading COVID to other attendees.