Partner with SHRM-Atlanta’s Community Outreach Team as we support Friends of Refugees at SOAHR 2020!

Friends of Refugees provides long-term care and services to help refugees settle and find employment in the metro-Atlanta area. Friends of Refugees is a non-profit organization serving refugees with opportunities that provide for their well-being, education and employment. The Refugee Career Hub, one of seven FOR programs, welcomes around 15-20 daily walk-in, job seekers who speak multiple languages from war-torn countries. Many are resettled refugees, seeking local FT/PT roles in production, warehousing and food services.

How You Can Help Friends of Refugees at SOAHR 2020:

1. Donate a gift card, preferably at least $10 worth, for a refugee to afford gas to get to job interviews.

2. Donate a leather portfolio or interview attire.

3. Give a tax-deductible donation which will be designated towards helping more refugees find jobs in 2020.

Donations will be accepted at the Friends of Refugees booth at SOAHR 2020.

Our “Gift” to you: As a special “thank you” for participating in our Community Outreach initiative, SHRM-Atlanta will be giving you a stamp for your SOAHR 2020 Bingo Card, which will give you one more chance to win fabulous prizes at SOAHR.

Thank you for helping out in our community!