March 26 Keynote: Seize Your Power: Lessons from the Meanest Woman Alive

During Tuesday’s Keynote, Seize Your Power: Lessons from the Meanest Woman AliveLinda Smith and Lars Minns will discuss how you can strategically seize your power with three skills that will help you face challenges, create enthusiasm, instill confidence, and inspire the people around you. Lars will guide the conversation with his unique and progressive perspective.


Linda Smith is one of the few women to reach the summit of the legal profession. During her 40-year career at O’Melveny & Myers, Linda has tangled with outsized male egos, from CBS head Les Moonves to Mick Jagger, without ever breaking stride. Her tenacity as a cross-examiner has earned her the prodigious title of “The Meanest Woman Alive.” While she’s the “meanest” to hostile witnesses or opposing lawyers, outside the courtroom Smith is known for her sense of humor, fierce loyalty, and deep commitment to collaboration.

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Lars Minns, Head of HR for Mercedes-Benz, USA currently leads the organization in designing, implementing, and executing HR strategies that directly align with the company’s strategic objectives for the Sales, Marketing, and Distribution of passenger cars in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.  Lars is a sought after presenter and facilitator and spends considerable time communicating the importance of cultivating the right talent for business success.

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March 27 Keynote: 5 Barriers You’ll Need to Break for Success in 2020 – and Beyond

In Wednesday’s Keynote, 5 Barriers You’ll Need to Break for Success in 2020 – and Beyond, Jim Link will discuss disruptive trends contributing to the erosion of the traditional workplace. Link will discuss steps HR leaders can take to rethink and redesign their workforce strategies to ensure business sustainability.  Jim will also highlight major factors that will play a role in the future workplace and the five barriers companies must break in order to thrive in 2020 — and beyond.

Jim Link is the Chief Human Resources Officer for Randstad North America.  In his role, he is responsible for more than 7,500 Randstad employees around the world, who collectively place more than 100,000 qualified candidates in client locations weekly.

As a recognized thought leader in human capability and the future or work, Jim is a sought-after commentator with the national and international press, features widely on the lecture and speaker circuit, and consults with leaders, companies and boards of directors around the world on matters related to the workplace.

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