Before the conference, here’s your chance to take a deeper dive into the content that will be covered at SOAHR 2019.

Speaker: Bob McDaniel (CEO/Chief Instructor, SAFEncounters LLC) and Arlene Johnson (COO, SAFEncounters LLC)
Session: SAFE (Security Against Forced Encounters): Defense & Evasion Techniques


Workplace Violence

Imagine waking up for work on a normal day, would you ever think you would actually be the victim of a crime? The US Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded that 409 employees were murdered in the workplace in 2017 with the largest percentage being women. Furthermore, the National Safety Council reports that in 2016 17% of all workplace fatalities were a result of workplace violence.  It’s one of the major causes of death in the corporate world, second only to transportation.  This growing issue can have very damaging effects on morale, reputation and revenue, making it something businesses have to address now.

According to OSHA, at least 2 million workers report some type of violence in the workplace each year!  They further state, approximately 25% of the crimes go unreported. This clearly means companies need to prepare themselves and their workers in the event of workplace violence. According to an anonymous study run by Rave Mobile Security, in various corporate workplaces, 25% of businesses are unprepared for an active shooter situation. Along with the emotional effects on personnel, the Workplace Violence Research Institute estimated the total cost of $36 billion each year to businesses thanks to violence in the workplace!

We all agree this is an alarming problem, but how are businesses arming themselves against workplace violence?  Conventions like SOAHR are popping up around the country to spread awareness for this rising threat to our businesses and, more importantly, our personnel. Awareness is just the tip of the iceberg, but it is a beginning.

Even the US Department for Homeland Security says, you may only have three options during an Active Shooter Situation:

  1. Run
  2. Hide
  3. Fight

That last option may seem daunting for many, but sometimes the choices aren’t in our hands. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare ourselves for the situations as they come. OSHA recommends a training program including recognition of an escalating situation and applicable self-defense techniques. While self-defense training is no guarantee of safety, it prepares its pupils to face tough situations should they arise.

We can all agree it’s a growing issue.  In future discussions, we’ll learn how to recognize possible warning signs, types of assailants, the impact on business and how to deal proactively with this issue.

The SAFE Program is an integrated system of instruction, demonstration and participation. Stay safe.

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