Predictive Analytics and the Future of Talent Acquisition

Jeanette Maister | Americas Managing Director, WCN
Recruiters can spend in excess of two months reviewing initial candidate applications. Big Data can radicalize this process. It offers recruiters the opportunity to take evidence-based decision making to an entirely new level by factoring in an unprecedented amount of data from a wide array of sources, some of which might never have been considered previously.

POWerful Recruiting – Insider Secrets Using an Out of the Box Approach

Dan Erling , CPC | President & CEO, Accountants One
In need of a savvy, executable recruiting strategy to conquer these talent wars? During this session you will learn how to analyze your corporate culture effectively to attract only the best talent to your organization. Attendees will be presented with a top 10 list of alternative recruiting strategies that will have your candidate pool knocking down your door--including the hard to reach Millennials.

Your Trade Secrets Under Attack

Matteo Valles | Retired Special Agent, FBI
Are the Trade Secrets of your business safe ?  What are the threats to your Trade Secrets and what is the impact if stolen ?  What can senior human resources professionals do to help their business protect its Trade Secrets ?  There is an ongoing and concerted effort to steal the Trade Secret of U.S. businesses. This poses not only a threat to the targeted business, but to U.S. economic security. The majority of businesses in the U.S. do not have dedicated security professionals, and as such it is incumbent upon senior management to be aware of the threat and make every effort to safeguard that which is critical to the company's success. 

What is People Science? The Role of Data in HR Technology

Justin McWhorter 
Join us as we discuss People Science, what it is and what it means for the future of HR.  People Science is bringing all of the People Data together to move from “gut feel” decision making to truly understanding what is happening with the People in your organization.  This session will help lay the groundwork for your People Science initiatives and discuss the technology, training and change management involved.

An Equation That Delivers: Technology + Knowledge + Behavior = Success

Nancy Wolk, MBA  | Principal, eMentorConnect
Tasked with human capital management initiatives to improve employee retention, engagement, leadership development, onboarding, and more? We know that knowledge alone does not guarantee behavior change. Targeted mentoring solutions that are facilitated by smart technology provide a key differentiator in the overall success of these initiatives.

The Future of Work: Will a Robot Take Your Job?

Sean MacHale  | Atlanta Career Office Business Leader, Mercer
In this session, senior leaders will explore what "work" will look like in 10-20 years and beyond. What will constitute a "job"? And how do you pay for those jobs in a gig economy? Looking into the future, decision makers and influencers will have to redefine business and hiring models to take advantage of contract or contingent workers, in part to address the talent scarcity challenge but also in response to what people say they want out of a job.

How Not to get Done In By Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Scot Whigham | Director of Global IT Services and Support, Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG)
Scot Whigham presents a business case experience that highlights specific uses of artificial intelligence. Scot’s story will define what AI means for HR and business process functions, show you how to determine if AI platforms are right for your organization, and demonstrate how HR leaders can leverage AI technology in operations strategy and business processes.

Staying Ahead in the Hiring Game by Adopting Mobile Recruiting

Ryan Kohler | CEO, ApplicantPro
Don't let a lack of knowledge surrounding rapidly changing technology hinder your success by foregoing the latest trends in recruiting. Follow Ryan as he helps you develop a mobile recruiting plan that fits both your hiring needs and the needs of your applicants.

Using Technology to Rethink the Employee Experience

 Jeff Carr  | COO, Zenefits
Employees today are more technically savvy than ever before and expect workplace technologies to provide the same connected experiences they expect in their personal lives. Mobile is a primary way that people access and share information, yet research shows HR technology is woefully lagging behind -- only 8% of 1,000 office workers surveyed say they access HR information via mobile devices. To meet employee expectations, companies need to reevaluate their HR processes from the employee viewpoint.

Solving the HRIS Puzzle

 Lori Fiore  | HRIS Consultant, Resource Advisory
Join us as we demystify and solve the HRIS "puzzle." Many vendor solutions are available that provide comprehensive HRIS applications -- but their suitability varies by organization size, local/global focus, industry expertise as well as functional depth and breadth. In this session we will explore Digital HR trends, discuss how to view your employees and candidates as your "HR Customer", and review what it means to serve this customer considering Digital HR.