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Speaker: Matteo Valles | Retired Special Agent, FBI

Are your company Trade Secrets safe ? What are the threats and the impact if stolen ? How can Human Resource professionals help their company protect its Trade Secrets ? There is an ongoing and concerted effort to acquire the Trade Secrets of U.S. businesses, to include proprietary technology, prototypes, R&D, merger & acquisition plans, customer list & pricing, and so much more. This poses not only a threat to the targeted business, but to U.S. economic security. Whether your company employs dedicated security professionals or not, Human Resource personnel must be aware of the threat and play a critical role in any successful effort to safeguard that which is most critical to the company’s success. Matteo Valles, former Special Agent of the FBI for 30+ years, will highlight previous cases and discuss the risks, methods employed by adversaries, the insider threat, and strategies to safeguard your corporate Trade Secrets.

Learning Objectives:

  1. 1. Understand there is a concerted effort to acquire Trade Secrets from U.S. businesses.
  2. Review the methodologies employed by those seeking your trade secrets, to include the development and use of an Insider.
  3. Better position your company to consider, evaluate, and develop mitigation strategies.

SHRM BoCK Competencies:

  1. Consultation
  2. Ethical practice
  3. Leadership and Navigation