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Speaker: Matteo Valles | Retired Special Agent, FBI 

The threats from those “already inside the fence” continue to exact significant damage to our companies. The Insider Threat, whether acts of Violence, Sabotage, or Theft of Trade Secrets, can and should be mitigated. Building on Tuesday’s presentation, Your Trade Secrets Under Attack, we will continue to focus on protecting your company’s more critical assets, Trade Secrets.

Matteo Valles, former Special Agent with the FBI, will provide an analysis of prior cases involving employees who pass Trade Secrets to competitors, highlight the need for a program to mitigate the Insider Threat, and focus on the essential components of such a program and HR’s critical contributions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain an appreciation for the “need” for an Insider Threat Mitigation Program.
  2. Understand the “indicators” that precipitate acts of the Insider Threat and HR’s responsibility.
  3. Formulate an action plan to initiate the process of creating and /or improving an existing Insider Threat Mitigation Program.

SHRM BoCK Competencies:

  1. Consultation
  2. Ethical Practice
  3. Leadership and Navigation