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Speaker: Brandon Smith | “The Workplace Therapist”, The Worksmiths

Is your culture “customer-centric?” If your organization is like most, the answer is “no.” In the vast majority of cases, corporate cultures are designed with the goals of creating a compelling and effective work experience for employees. While this is a noble and important effort, it doesn’t make the culture strategic.

Strategic customer-centric cultures, are designed with their customers’ values in mind. They create experiences that are great for customers AND for employees. Organizations like Chick-fil-A and Disney have crafted these customer-centric cultures that allow them to outpace the rest of their industry. Join Brandon Smith where he not only shares what makes a strategic customer-centric culture (versus a strong culture) but also how you can start asking the right questions and gathering the right data to transform your culture into one of your organizations greatest competitive advantages.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the difference between a strong corporate culture and a strategic corporate culture
  2. Discuss the components of a strategic customer-centric culture as well as how a strategic customer-centric culture impacts business metrics (Ex: revenue, margin, speed-to-market, etc…)
  3. Define the necessary data and the critical steps to transform any culture into a strategic customer-centric culture

SHRM BoCK Competencies:

  1. Leadership & Navigation
  2. Business Acumen
  3. Critical Evaluation