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Speaker: Dana BrownleePMP  | Corporate Trainer, Professionalism Matters

HR professionals are often pulled in many directions trying to serve different stakeholders. While senior level leaders are there to champion efforts and provide critical support, managing them can sometimes be an ordeal. What do you do when your senior level executive is part of the problem?

*The Tornado – “I hope you don’t mind me intimidating everyone with my overbearing nature at your team meetings…I’m just trying to help you speed things along.”
*The Confusing Leader – “I’m not exactly clear on what I’m looking for, but I’ll be sure to hold you responsible when I don’t get it.”
*The Unrealistic Leader – “Would you please boil the ocean? (and solve world peace too while you’re at it)”

This presentation explores the “difficult senior level stakeholder” and provides tips on to manage them for optimum success.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Apply communications best practices HR professionals can use when addressing difficult senior level stakeholders
  2. Apply specific facilitation techniques to help manage dominating personalities
  3. Apply specific project management techniques to help manage scattered leaders

SHRM BoCK Competencies:

  1. Relationship Management
  2. Leadership & Navigation
  3. Communication